General Information


. Robin Hoods Bay is located on the East Coast of Yorkshire just 17 miles north of Scarborough and 4 miles south of Whitby. Fortunately, due to the shear presence of the `THE BANK` (this is the only access to the old village) it makes access difficult for modern day transport and so the old village has maintained its charm and character.

This unique old friendly fishing village with its narrow cobbled streets, alleyways and myriad of tightly packed 300 year old cottages was in the past a smugglers haven. When visiting Robin Hoods Bay you will find that it dose not take to much imagination to see how much difficulty the excise men must have had in chasing and finding the devious smugglers. It is said that, most the cottages were interconnected and so a smuggler could have entered one cottage and emerge some distance away in another therefore escaping with his booty or even leaving it behind for collection later when the heat was off! When the tide goes out it leaves many rock pools exposed, these hold a cornucopia of interesting sea creatures for the keen eyed observer. Should fossils or even Jet collecting be your forte, this is the area for you with it's wealth of specimens all around the bay.

.The Pannitt Park Museum in Whitby is packed with a detailed collection of Jet and fossils both large & small, which plays an enormous part in explaining the past, these combine with a variety of objects from all over the world to present a show which shouldn't be missed!

.Robin Hoods Bay is also the ideal place for the walking fraternity as it's where the "Coast to Coast" walk terminates. The walk starts at ST BEEDS on the west coast; before starting out the idea is you put your feet in the sea at ST BEEDS and finish with your feet in the sea at Robin Hoods Bay. This very popular trail runs through the backbone of England and has some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever wish to see. With North York's Moors on our doorstep and using Robin Hoods Bay as a base you couldn't ask for much more! So feel free to explore and take home a wealth of interesting photographs in this exceptional tranquil hamlet of narrow cobbled walkways, quaint cottages, pubs, shops and exhibitions.

All my units sleep two, personal visitors are most welcome during the day and evening but not overnight. In the interest of peace and tranquillity for our other guests, we do not cater for babies or children in any of the apartments or rooms. Minimum advance booking is two nights. We will only take a booking for one night at the door but not in advance. The official booking-in time is 3.00 p.m, but if you arrive earlier and your accommodation has been serviced then you're welcome to the room. To aide change over we do ask that all the apartments are vacated by 10.30 on the day of departure.